Virgin Killer Sweater Dress



Product Details

Made out of super soft knitted material, this sweater is not only sexy but COMFY so falling to sleep with it on is seriously a dream. ☁️ ☁️ 

It's both sleeveless and backless but surprisingly warm because of the turtleneck design and sturdy knitting. 

Virgin-Killing Sweater, also known as Sweater That Kills Virgins (Japanese: 童貞を殺すセーター, Doutei wo Korosu Sētā) and That Sweater (Japanese: 例のセSpreePickykーター, Rei no Sētā or あのセーター, Ano Sētā), are nicknames given to a halter neck sweater with a seductively large open back. In a similar vein to the Turtleneck, the sweater became a trending topic among Japanese Twitter users in late January 2017.

  • Color:
  • Grey Backless Sweater
  • Red Backless Sweater
  • Size reference:
    • Length of the Backless Sweater: 70cm/27.56"



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