ADVENTURE TIME Marceline's I Eat Shades of Red Hinge



Product Details

A full image motif of Marceline using Finn as a chair to sit upon, with the text I EAT SHADES OF RED surrounding them. Red faintly striped background which spans across the hinged purse wallet exterior. This professionally made purse wallet has a black interior with a coin zipped pouch, two large compartments, transparent ID slot and five card slots on the interior.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Marceline's I Eat Shades of Red
- Background Pattern: Red Glitter with Stripes
- Material: 70% Polyester/30% PVC
- Coin Zipped Pouch
- Note Compartments
- Five Card Slots
- Transparent ID Slot
- Two Large Compartments
- Professionally Stitched
- Button Lock Clip
- Gender: Female
- Colour: Red
- Official Adventure Time Licensed Merchandise

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