Happy Meal Onesie



Product Details

Slash your way trough the adorable circle of life and snug in this super soft and warm onesie at parties, at home or while you are slicing a melon in small uneven pieces.
  • Features: Hidden Front Zip, Double-Lining,Inside Print...we are very secretive about it.
  • Print: HD Molecular Inkjet... It's quite fancy trust us.
  • Designer: Dennis Gabana
  • Fabric: Superior quality imported from Italy
  • Structure: 82% Polyester 18% Elastane
  • Sizing Tip: One Size Fits Most
  • Washing: 30° Cold Wash, Low Iron
  • Made: In EU

P.S.  Fits man as well, as long as they are Zac Efron size.

Shipping 2 weeks

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