Magic Circle Cardcaptor Sakura Pink Star Wireless Charger Pad (sound)

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The Most-Highly Anticipated Magic Wireless Charger! Charge Your Phone on the Magic Circle

This magic circle wireless charger has a magical array of runes, a sacred space to cast a powerful spell. As long as the phone is in the middle, the circle will illuminate instantly from outside.  Make phone charging not only a daily routine but a supernatural ritual!

 This magic wireless charger equipped with temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, avoiding the risk of overheating during charging process to ensure the safety.

Compatible for all Qi-enabled devices. For devices without wireless charging function, we recommend using wireless charging adapters(NOT INCLUDED).
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APPLE: iPhone 8 8 Plus X XS Max XR
SAMSUNG: s6 s6 edge s6 edge+ s7 s7 edge Note 5 Note 6 Note 7 s8 s8+ Note 8 s9 Note 9 S(Light and extravagant Edition)
NOKIA: Lumia820 Lumia830 Lumia920 Lumia925 Lumia928 Lumia929 Lumia930 Lumia1020 Lumia1520 8Sirocco
HUAWEI: Mate 20 pro MateRS
GOOGLE: Nexus4/5/6/7
SONY: XperiaXZ2 XperiaZ4v


Please check phone’s back(or case) is not attached with any iron,metal,coins, IC Cards,bank cards,magnetic  and metal objects in the charging detective area. PLEASE NOTE THAT CHARGING WITH PHONE CASE (ESPECIALLY over 4mm ONE) MAY INFLUENCE THE CHARGING SPEED OR EVEN RESULT IN CHARGING INTERMITTENTLY OR DISCONTINUED.

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